Why Dirteeze

The Dirteeze range of industrial wipes is built on passion. The wiper products have been developed not by following others but by leading the way in developing the best solutions for the wiping tasks in hand.

Dirteeze Industrial Trade Wipes are made from spunlace, a more biodegradable and absorbent alternative to the more common products found in the USA …. polypropylene. Spunlace wipes offer significant advantages on wiping performance in terms of absorbency, strength and cleaning power.

Typically, many of our competitors will show you a demonstration of their ‘polypropylene’ wipes removing paint and sealant. What they don’t tell you is just about any wipe would remove freshly applied paint and sealant! Many competitor products, especially those using polypropylene material, leave your surfaces and hands feeling sticky. Dirteeze wipes leave your surfaces feeling clean and your hands cleansed and moisturized.

Dirteeze also offers a fantastic range of non-woven Industrial wipes that feature a unique traffic light system to help aid product selection. The non-woven range offers super strong absorbent wiping materials and solutions for rag replacement, low-lint wipes and working with solvents. For instance, our LAX60 product is known as the “Rag Killer” because one box of 150 extra-large wipes can replace two 25-pound bags of cotton rags. LAX60 is lint free, extra strong, can be wrung out and loves solvents.

Dirteeze-US is the master wholesaler for all the Dirteeze products with a strong focus on the top two most popular items, Rough and Smooth Trade Wipes and the LAX60 industrial multipurpose wipe.

Whatever your customers’ needs or uses are … Dirteeze Industrial Wipes Range has the answer.