Rough & Smooth Antibacterial Wipes

Dirteeze Rough and Smooth Antibacterial line-min

These newly formulated wipes with Antibacterial/Sanitizing properties can be used on your hands as well as your tools and other dirty surfaces. Unique micro-beads agitate the surface to be cleaned. Dirteeze are tougher on dirt and grease, while staying softer and kinder to hands. Dirteeze Rough & Smooth Heavy-Duty Wipes are made from spun lace, a unique ‘non-polypropylene’ material, delivering better absorbency, a much softer feel and outstanding strength.

  • FDA certified for antiseptic & sanitizing properties
  • Safe on hands
  • Unique mirco-beads cut through grime on any surfaces
  • Spun lace, non-polypropylene, promoting better absorbency, soft feel and outstanding strength
  • Biodegradeable material

Now you can have the “Best in Class” wipes with the FDA approved antibacterial and sanitizing properties needed in today’s markets!

FDA Information

FDA NDC Code: Our NDC code is 90119-001-80. The NDC number consists of 11 digits, broken into 3 sections in a 5-4-2 format. The first 5 digits identify the labeler code representing the manufacturer of the drug and are assigned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The next 4 digits identify the specific drug product and are assigned by the manufacturer.

FDA Consumer Antiseptic Rub Product: Consumer antiseptic rub products are a subset of consumer antiseptic drug products. These products are intended to be used when soap and water are not available and are left on and not rinsed off with water. It appears that your product is intended to be used without water. Accordingly, your product may be considered a consumer antiseptic rub product.

Directions for Use to Sanitize Non-Food Contact Surfaces

Use a wipe to remove gross filth. The Rough & Smooth Heavy-Duty Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer wipes are excellent to do this cleaning step as well. Unfold a clean wipe and thoroughly wet surface. Treated surface must remain visibly wet for a full fifteen (15) seconds. Use additional wipe(s) if needed to assure continuous 15 second wet contact time. Let air dry.