Commercial Cleaner Wipes for Fleet Maintenance Teams

fleet of green semi trucks

Dirteeze industrial hand cleaning wipes were designed to be built tough to help your maintenance team keep vehicles clean and safe. Our team built the first wet wipe with agitation technology built in! Our entire line of products combine the highest production quality, with affordable cost. Dirteeze wipes will help impress your company’s customers by enabling your team to properly clean up the entire fleet after a tough job.

What are the Best Commercial Cleaner Wipes for Fleet Maintenance Teams?

Dirteeze wipes help your team clean up the entire fleet - especially those involving tough jobs. No matter how dirty the job is, we’ve got you covered.

Dirteeze has the right wiper product designed to tackle clean up of fleets of all sizes. Keep a tub of Dirteeze wipes in every vehicle as the first defence against dirt, spills or any mess. Every fleet owner knows that cleaning up quickly and not letting a mess wait can make the difference between a lasting fleet or loss of investment. Keeping a clean fleet can also make the difference between repeat customers and a good reputation or not. Dirteeze has built in agitation technology to speed up clean up and help you impress customers. Our wipes DO NOT break apart when they get wet - a major plus for tough messes!

Check out the Dirteeze lineup and contact us to get started today:

Rough & Smooth Wipes

The original heavy duty wipe with micro-beads made from spun lace

LAX 60 Industrial Wipes

The reusable & highly absorbent shop towel replacement

Bamboo Pro Wipes

The best biodegradable wipe alternative on the market


Smooth & Strong Wipes

Ideal for cleaning hands, tools and surfaces on the go


Rough & Smooth Antibacterial Wipes

FDA certified antibacterial wipes for tough jobs


The Dirteeze Difference

Industrial Cleaning Wipes Built Tough


More absorbent than other wipes (polypropylene)


Softer and more durable, they will stay on the job longer


Reusable in many cases - one wipe goes further




Built with environmental sustainability in mind


Intelligent chemical blend - strong cleaning power, no sticky feeling left on hands

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